TT1 – F1 Racing

Ducati TT1
Ducati F1

Spare Parts List on Sale

8CR0001 8CR0001
Parafango ant. TT1
Front mudguard TT1
8DR0001 8DR0001
Parafango ant. F1 Endurance
Front mudguard F1 Endurance
8DR0020 8DR0020
Parafango ant. F1
Racing Front mudguard F1 Racing
8XR0023 8XR0023
Serbatoio TT1/ F1 Racing /Endurance
- Fuel tank TT1/ F1 Racing/Endurance
XXR0039 XXR0039
Tappo serbatoio tipoaeronautico
Aereonautic type tank cap
8DR0024 8DR0024
Tappo rifornimento rapido
Quick filler cap
8DR0025 8DR0025
Tappo rifornimento strada
Petrol cap road
8XR0066 8XR0066
Rubinetto dx
Right-side fuel tap
8XR0067 8XR0067
Rubinetto sx
Left-side fuel tap
8XR0032 8XR0032
Elastico serbatoio (ant.)
Rubber tank strap (front)
XX00011 XX00011
Elastico serbatoio
Rubber tank strap
8BR0003 8BR0003
Sella TT1
Seat TT1
8DR0021 8DR0021
Sella F1 Racing
F1 racing seat
8DR0004 8DR0004
Sella F1 Endurance
Seat F1 Endurance
8XR0015 8XR0015
Parafango post. TT2/TT1
Rear mudguard TT2/TT1
8XR0016 8XR0016
Serbatoio sfiato olio TT2/TT1
Oil breather box TT2/TT1
8DR0007 8DR0007 - Serbatoio sfiato olio F1/Endurance in alluminio – Oil breather box F1/Endurance in All. 8DR0027 8DR0027 - Serbatoio sfiato olio F1/Endurance in fiberglass – Oil breather box F1/Endurance in fiber
8CR0002 8CR0002
Carena TT1
Fairing TT1
8DR0002 8DR0002
Carena F1/ Endurance
Fairing F1/ Endurance
01R0008 01R0008
Plexiglas per carena TT1
Windshield for fairing TT1
8DR0003 8DR0019 Plexiglas basso per carene F1-L.S., S.M., Montjuik - Low windshield for fairing F1, L.S., S.M., Montjuik 8DR0003 8DR0003
Plexiglas alto per carena F1/Endurance
High windshield for fairing F1/End.
8XR0070 8XR0070
Vasca raccogli-olio
Oil conteiner
XX00126 XX00126
Contagiri Veglia racing replica
Replica Racing tachometer Veglia
XXR0059 XXR0016
Cavo per contagiri Veglia
Tachometer cable Veglia
8XR0018 8XR0018 – Supporto ant. carena e strumenti TT1 – TT1 fairing and instrument front frame support
8DR0008 8DR0008 – Supporto anteriore carena e strumenti F1/Endurance – Fairing front frame support F1 PSDR129 XXR0078 – Tappo forcella con registro molla Ø35 mm.
Register fork cap Ø35 mm
PSDR044 XXR0079 – Tappo forcella con registro molla Ø38 mm.
Register fork cap Ø38 mm.
XX00188 XX00188 - Supporto forcella tipo marzocchi in coppia Ø35 – Couple Marzocchi type fork support Ø35 XX00189 XX00189
Supporto forcella Ø38 mm
Ø38 mm fork support
8XR0048 8XR0048
Supporti forcella Ø40mm
Ø40mm fork support
8XR0049 8XR0049
Supporti forcella Ø41,7
Ø41,7 fork support
01X0009 01X0009
Semimanubri Ø35
Clip-on handlebars Ø35
XX00033 XX00033
Semimanubri Ø38
Clip-on handlebars Ø38
8XR0025 8XR0025
Semimanubri Ø40
Clip-on handlebars Ø40
8XR0026 8XR0026
Semimnubri Ø41,7
Clip-on handlebars Ø41,7
XXR0015 XXR0015
Comando acceleratore rapido
Quick-action throttle control
8XR0001 8XR0001 – Leva frizione sagomata con supporto – Shaped clutch lever with support 8XR0002 8XR0002 – Leva pompa frizione/freno sagomata
Shaped clutch/brake leve
XX00035 XX00035 – Coppia cavi acceleratore (carburat. Ø40)
Pair of throttle cables (Ø40)
8XR0017 8XR0017
Cavo frizione
Clutch cable
8CR0003 8CR0003
Telaio TT1 I serie
Frame TT1 1st. model
8DR0005 8DR0005
Telaio F1 / Endurance
F1 / Endurance frame
8XR0020 8XR0020
Forcellone in acciaio (~Kg2,9) TT1
- TT1 Steel swingarm (~Kg2,9)
8XR0027 8XR0027 – Forcellone post. tipo Verlicchi in alluminio (~Kg2,5) tt.
Verlicchi type aluminium swingarm
8DR0006 8DR0006
Forcellone post. F1 / Endurance
F1 / Endurance swingarm
8XR0053 8XR0053
Perno forcellone
Swing-arm pin
XXR0076 XXR0076
Ganasce racing per forcellone
Swinging-arm racing jav
8XR0073 8XR0073
Perno Ruota Racing TT1
Racing wheel spindle TT1
8DR0022 8DR0022
Perno Ruota Racing F1/Endurance
F1-Endurance Racing wheel spindle
8XR0021 8XR0021
Pedane con leve TT2/TT1
Foot-rest with levers TT2/TT1
8DR0009 8DR0009
Pedane con leve F1/Endurance
Foot-rest with levers F1/Endurance
8XR0084 8XR0084
Levetta rinvio cambio Lever gear transmission
8XR0068 8XR0068
Asta supporto pinza tt
Rod brake caliper suppor tt
8XR0069 8XR0069
Supporto pinza post.
Rear brake caliper suppor
8DR0017 8DR0017
Pignone z=14 (520)
Engine sproket z=14 (520)
8DR0018 8DR0018
Pignone z=15 (520)
Engine sproket z=15 (520)
XXR0040 XXR0040
Catena racing (520)
Racing chai
8XR0056 8XR0056
Corona Ergal z=36 (520)
Rear sproket z=36 (520)
8XR0057 8XR0057
Corona Ergal z=38 (520)
Rear sproket z=38 (520)
8XR0058 8XR0058
Corona Ergal z=40 (520)
Rear sproket z=40 (520
8XR0060 8XR0059
Corona Ergal z=42 (520)
Rear sproket z=42(520)
8XR0060 8XR0060
Corona Ergal z=44 (520)
Rear sproket z=44 (520)
8XR0051 8XR0051
Kit rapporti Racing leggeri (520)
Light weight sprocket kit
XX00255 XX00255
Ferma Corona
Stops rear sprocket
XX00135 XX00135 – Set revisione pompa freno ant. PS15 – Front breake master cylinder seal kit PS15 XX00136 XX00136
Set revisione pinza freno P08
P08 brake caliper seal kit
XX00186 XX00186
Pinza freno serie oro dx P08
Brake caliper right P08
XX00187 XX00187
Pinza freno serie oro sx P08
Brake caliper left P08
8XR0033 8XR0033 – Set revisione pompa post. freno PS12
Rear brake pump overhaul kit PS12
8XR0034 8XR0034
Set revisione pinza freno P05
PO5 brake caliper seal kit
8XR0079 8XR0079
Set revisione pinza freno P05completa
PO5complete brake caliper seal kit
XX00007 XX00007
Pastiglie freno ant. P08
Pair of front brake pads P08
8XR0036 8XR0036
Pastiglie freno post. P05
Rear brake pads P05
8XR0075 8XR0075 Disco freno ant. flottante Ø280 – Front floating brake disk Ø280 8XR0076 8XR0076 Disco freno post. flottante Ø220 Rear floating brake disc Ø220
8XR0077 8XR0077 Disco freno post. Ø230 Rear brake disc Ø230 8XR0037 8XR0037
Pompa freno post. TT2/TT1
Rear brake pump TT2/TT1
8DR0023 8DR0023
Pompa freno post. F1-Endurance
Rear brake pump F1-Endurance
8XR0050 8XR0050
Set revisione pompa frizione
Clutch seal kit
8XR0043 8XR0043
Ghiera di scarico tt.
Exhaust pipe ringnut tt.
8XR0074 8XR0074 Fascetta scarico Ø53 – Ø53 exhaust clamp
8XR0039 8XR0039
Collettore scarico 2in 1 TT1-TT2
2 in to 1 exhaust pipe TT1-TT2
8XR0040 8XR0040
Scarico aperto TT1/F1
Open muffler TT1/F1
8XR0041 8XR0041
Scarico semisilenziato TT1-F1
Silencer muffler TT1-F1
8XR0080 8XR0080 – Collettori racing per carburatore elastico – Racing inlet duct kit for flexibly carburettor XXR0004 XXR0004
Manicotto per collettore elastico
Flexible carburettor coupling
XXR0002 XXR0002 – Carburatore elastico Ø41 dx – Flexibly mounted carburettor Ø41 Right
XXR0012 XXR0012 – Carburatore elastico Ø41 sx – Flexibly mounted carburettor Ø41 left XXR0003 XXR0003 – Carburatore elastico Ø42 dx – Flexibly mounted carburettor Ø42 Right XXR0013 XXR0013 – Carburatore elastico Ø42 sx – Flexibly mounted carburettor Ø42 left
8XR0083 8XR0083 - Testata lavorata a campione 500–600–750 – Head machined campion for 500–600–750 8XR0065 8XR0065
Supporto albero a cammes
Camshaft support block
8XR0008 8XR0008
Coppia alberi a cammes
Pair of camshafts
8XR0009 8XR0009
Valvola aspirazione Ø41
Inlet valve Ø41
8XR0028 8XR0028
Valvola aspirazione Ø43
Inlet valve Ø43
8XR0010 8XR0010
Valvola scarico Ø37
Exhaust valve Ø37
8XR0029 8XR0029
Valvola scarico Ø38
Exhaust valve Ø38
8XR0071 8XR0071
Guida valvole +0,06
Valve guide +0,06
8XR0072 8XR0072
Guida valvole +0,10
Valve guide +0,10
8XR0011 8XR0011
Pistone Racing Ø81
Piston Racing Ø81
8XR0022 8XR0022
Pistone Racing Ø82
Piston Racing Ø82
8XR0030 8XR0030
Pistone Racing Ø88
Piston Racing Ø88
8XR0031 8XR0031
Pistone Racing Ø90
Piston Racing Ø90
8XR0014 8XR0014
Biella racing
Racing connecting rod
8XR0013 8XR0013
Bronzina per biella
Standard half bearing
8XR0062 8XR0062
Bronzina per biella +0,25
Standard half bearing 0,25
8XR0063 8XR0063
Bronzina per biella +0,50
Standard half bearing 0,50
8XR0012 8XR0012
Cuscinetto piccolo per albero motore
Small main bearing
XX00054 XX00054
Cuscinetto albero motore
Main bearing
XXR0037 XXR0037
Set dischi frizione ORSP (a secco)
ORSP dry clutch disc set
XXR0060 XXR0060 – Set dischi frizione sinterizzati (a secco)
Sintered dry clutch disc set
XXR0038 XXR0038 – Set dischi frizione in carbonio (a secco)
Carbon clutch disc set (dry clutch)
8DR0014 8DR0014
Spingidisco frizione leggera
Pressure clutch plate light
8DR0010 8DR0010 – Campana/mozzo frizione F1 L.S. S.M. Montjuik – Dry clutch kit F1 L.S. S.M. Montjuik
8DR0028 8DR0028
Mozzo frizione
Clutch hub
8DR0011 8DR0011 – Kit frizione a secco F1 L.S. S.M. Montjuik – Dry clutch disc kit F1 L.S. S.M. Montjuik 8XR0052 8XR0052
Kit frizione a secco TT2-TT1
Dry clutch kit TT1-TT2
8CR0006 8CR0006
Cambio Racing Albero lungo 6 cave – Gearbox Racing long shaft (6 slot)
8DR0026 8DR0026Cambio Racing albero mille righe- Gearbox Racing shaft thousand lines 8XR0054 8XR0054
Supporto impianto elettrico
Electrical support
XX00199 XX00199
Elastico batteria tt.
Rubber battery strap tt.
1X00060 1X00060
Alternatore Racing
Racing Alternator
XXR0075 XXR0075
Distanziale riduzione alternatore
Spacer reduction alternator
XX00085 XX00085
Coppia pick-up
XX00087 XX00087
XXR0073 XXR0073
Bobina doppia accensione
Coil for double ignition
8XR0085 8XR0085 – Centralina elettronica ORSP step 1 – Electronic ignition amplieifer step 1 8XR0086 8XR0086 – Centralina elettronica ORSP step 2 – Electronic ignition amplieifer step 2 8XR0087 8XR0087 – Centralina elettronica ORSP step 3 – Electronic ignition amplieifer step 3
8XR0007 8XR0007
Coppia cinghie distribuzione
Couple tootheed belt
8XR0046 8XR0046
Filtro olio tt.
Oil filter tt
8XR0055 8XR0055
Tappo con filtro olio
Drain plug with filte
XX00238 XX00238
Tappo ispezione olio
Oil ispection cap
ASM0007 ASM0007
Sigillante per motori
Carter sealing
8XR0005 8XR0005
Set guarnizioni motore
Gasket set
8XR0006 8XR0006
Kit tenuta olio
Oil seal kit
AC00008 AC00008
Colore Rosso Ducati
Ducati red color
AC00009 AC00009
Colore Verde Ducati
Ducati green color
AC00011 AC00011
Colore bianco Ducati
White Ducati color
AC00010 AC00010
Colore blue Ducati
Blue Ducati color
AC00012 AC00012
Colore Oro ruote Ducati
Ducati wheel Gold color
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